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Planninig an Event

What does event planning involve?

Here is a high-level overview and some of the basic steps you’ll need to follow, a starting point for your event planning.

Things to consider when Planning a Party

What's the occasion? - this might affect all sorts of things, depending on the guests of honour. Think about what they would like, and the style of occasion that most fits them and the occasion. Also, very important - if it's a surprise party make sure all those you mention it to know it's going to be a surprise! Also, make sure your venue, caterers and anyone else you are using for the party know it's a surprise.

The Date - if it's a birthday or anniversary you want the party date to be as close as possible, but make sure that the people who are really important can attend on the date you choose, particularly the guest or guests of honour! ideally plan well in advance.

The Budget - how much do you want, or can you afford to spend? This can be a limiting factor but it's well worth thinking about before anything else, as costs can run away with you as more people and more elaborate arrangements start to take hold.

How many people will attend? - is it a small party or a large one - this will affect your choice of venue, your catering arrangements, your budget and the time it takes to organise and prepare, so make this a firm plan early on and try to stick to it.

Where is the party to be held? - the venue is important - first it has to be suitable for the number of people you want to be there (not too small but also not too large). If it's at home you will need to think about space for everyone, sufficient tables for food and drink, chairs for people to sit down, crockery and cutlery (and you may well decide that it's best to use disposable party plates, napkins and cutlery, and sufficient glasses of the right types. Again disposable glasses can be very useful, and safer for such occasions.